Cali Golf Schools, lessons and instruction from teacher Vince Cali, PGA Master Professional.    Locations in Orlando near Disney and Winter Park Florida.
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Vince Cali, PGA Master Professional has been teaching golf for over 40 years. He is known as one of the nation's leading instructors, helping golfers at all levels from junior to senior, beginner to professional. "If someone want so learn how to play better golf, I am willing to show them an easy way to do it" Vince, once said.

Vince combined his degrees in engineering and education to complete a ten year research project on finding the best methods for average golfers to play better golf. This resulted in the refinement of his SWING GOLF METHOD TEACHING SYSTEM.

Vince has been conducting his golf schools in Orlando since 1976, accommodating both the local golfer and the visitor to this popular vacation area.

For the visitor to Orlando, he conducts private one-on-one 1/2 day, full day. and multiple day sessions that can be customized to meet the golfers needs. If you have a friend, spouse, or family members that also want to play better golf, he can customize a private school for your group.

For the residents of the Orlando area, Vince has private lesson developmental programs which are customized to meet golf and time requirements of a golfer that wants to play better golf.

Occasionally, he conducts his famous SWING GOLF SCHOOL which is a two hour group session of up to six golfers. This is a fun and easy way for a golfer to learn more about a golf swing in a couple of hours than you would in a lifetime.

Here is more about Vince:

PGA Master Professional - Vince became the 153rd Master Professional. There are only 200 in the nation.

Teacher of the Year - In 1990, Vince was voted Teacher of the Year in both his PGA section and chapter.

Golf Magazine Top Teacher- Since 1995, Vince has been included on Golf Magazine's list of top teachers in the United States.

Author - Vince has authored more than 150 articles on golf instruction. Also, he has a large following on the internet of golfer that receive his free golf tips via email. You should sign up. It's a free way to play better golf.

Teaching for more than 40 years - Vince has been a full time teacher of golf since before his graduation from the University of Buffalo. He has taught at several prestigious golf schools including the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy and the Concord Hotel Golf School in the Catskill mountains of New York.

Thousand and Thousands of Golfers - Vince has taught many golfers to play better golf using his SWING GOLF METHOD. You should be next.
Cali Golf Schools - Orlando, Fl  "Home of the SWING GOLF METHOD."
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